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Service Offerings

Offres de services

A diversified career, in some large international groups and SMEs enabled me to note the interest of companies to use external consultants:

  • To have an objective and impartial evaluation of the company situation;
  • To benefit from diverse experiences (new approaches ...);
  • To bypass difficulty dealing with sensitive subjects;
  • To create a dynamic within teams (hierarchy problems, sympathy, adhesion ...);
  • To provide technical skills and experience not mastered to internal.

Based on this observation, I decided to let you benefit of all my experience and skills in domains of: Telecoms, Web applications, industrial computing, embedded real-time, safety of operation and digital electronics through a consulting business in High Technology.

In this context, I can offer services covering the entire lifecycle of engineering projects.

To better serve you, I spread offers being able apply to all your trades and your business sectors while maintaining the best level of quality and excellence.

My expertise comes in three types of offers:

Project contracting

Project contracting is responsible for functional expression of needs. It represents the interests and expected end-user. It guarantees the definition, implementation and results of the work.

To assist you in your Project contracting, I am able to work on all phases of the project such as:

For this work, I guarantee you total visibility on project progress and risk management by ensuring project governance from end to end.

This kind of service is processed in open-ended mode for a defined result.

On a basis of daily fees, my services are billed per batch to gradually as the work progress. This formula allows the customer to ensure better control of its spending linked to service commitments.

Project management

Project management is entity selected by Project contracting to carry out a project, in terms of timeliness, quality and cost set.

Project management is responsible for the technical choices inherent in the project as required by the Project contracting. Project management is responsable of the operational conduct of project work and technical quality of the solution.

To assist you in your Project management, I am able to work on all project phases such as:

When the product is complicated, I can use several suppliers (services, outsourcing). I assure coordination and ensure consistency of supplies.

For this work, I guarantee you total visibility of project progress. I routinely included in my offers reversibility and a warranty period.

This kind of service is processed in open-ended mode for a defined result.

On a basis of daily fees, my services are billed per batch to gradually as the work progress. This formula allows the customer to ensure better control of its spending linked to service commitments.

Operational Management

Operational Management is the set of technics focused on the organization that are implemented for the administration of an entity. These techniques help the decision maker to optimize the conduct of activities and resources, where he confronts issues outside its direct competent.

A career rich in experience allowed me to acquire a expertise level in fields of computer engineering and project management techniques. Professional recognized, I make you benefit of a objective and impartial viewing to identify weaknesses and opportunities to improve your organization.

My holistic approach integrates people, processes and technology to help you to achieve and to maintain operational excellence.

To assist you in your management and increase quality of your operational services, I am able to work on:

This kind of service is processed in open-ended mode for a defined result.

On a basis of daily fees, my services are billed per batch to gradually as the work progress. This formula allows the customer to ensure better control of its spending linked to service commitments.


Web Applications

You will find in this section, a description of my expertise fields and list of my interventions.

Under "Skills" tab you will find a brief summary of my main areas of expertise and the different technologies used.

Under "Experience" tab you will find a summary of my interventions.

Under "Continuing education" tab you will find a summary of continuing education.

Under "Resume in pdf format" tab you can view or print my resume. To access the functions "print or save" using the right click of the mouse.

General skills

  • Proven ability in management of large development teams.
  • 15 years experience in managing projects (hard / soft).
  • Monitoring of customer relations; Response to bidding.
  • Identification, development and tracking of offers in its technical aspects, managing schedules and budgets.
  • Experience in organizational and commercial relations of large industrial groups and its subcontractors (development of subcontracting contracts - formalization of processes and reporting documents).
  • Significant experience in project management and out sourcing (local or offshore - China, India, Bulgaria, Tunisia).
  • Expertise in: telecom, industrial computing, embedded real-time, Dependability, digital electronics.
  • Functional level knowledge of electronic payment and secure means of payment.
  • Technical skills

  • HTML 5 ; CSS 3 ; JavaScript ; PHP 5 ; Apache 2 ; MYSQL ; SQLite ; gpEASY (CMS) ; jQuery;
  • UML ; iDX51 ; iRMX86 ; VRTX ; Nucléus ; Embedded Linux;
  • C Language; JEE sous ECLIPSE ; VBA ; PLM ; Intel Assembly language;
  • Practical experiences

    Project Manager / Webmaster. Supervision and development of website for opera singer: Shura Lipovsky.
    Project Owner Officer - Software Project: Lead and manage a engineering project of electronic document management through autonomous device linked to "cloud" recognition and storage of invoicing). Research funded by OSEO.
    Project manager. Lead and manage a engineering project of web applications for horse show management.
    Project leader in project contracting: Lead and manage a engineering project of laser printer "Departmental", marketed by Konica Minolta.
    Software project manager: Lead and manage a engineering project of laser printer "SOHO", marketed by OKI.
    Technical Director: Lead and manage industrial activities of a "startup" compagny dedicated to equine world: Development of Web portal professional (B2B); Integration of low-cost horse simulators designed on "Persival" model (horse simulator of French equestrian school).
    Software Lead Engineer - In charge of a software expertise pool of "cockpit" Business Unit . Lead a pool of 34 engineers / project managers of software team.
    Product Engineering Manager - In charge of a product line of automotive diagnostics. Lead and manage of engineering projects.
    System Architect - Project contractor for services and equipment related to Alcatel GSM terminals.
    System Architect - In charge of architecture for 3G product (UMTS) developed by "Joint Venture" with NEC.
    Software Project Manager - In charge of architecture for a GSM terminal subcontracted by WAVECOM.
    Software Architect - In charge of Technical specifications for monitoring a generic platform of GSM products (functional responsibility of a pool of 23 engineers 'software').
    Software Architect for ALCATEL Mobile Phone (Radio Digital Phone) - In charge of modules with strong real time constraints for GSM terminals.
    Software Project Manager for CS TELECOM (Radio Digital Phone) - Manage and design a project of digital radio-telephone for areas with low population density.
    Software Design Engineer - In charge of customer relations with Alcatel and GEC Marconi - Software Design of a radio-communication TFTS base station (Terrestrial Flight Telephone System).
    Software Design Engineer for ALCATEL TELSPACE (Space Telecommunication) - Design of VSAT satellite network FASTAR.
    Automation design engineer for FILECA (Cable-factury) - Design of device for industrial process management in a distributed architecture.
    Project manager for CEDICAM / CREDIT AGRICOLE (Bank) - Design of certification transactions devices for Crédit Agricole's clearing network.
    Project manager - Manage and design of electronic payment terminals for Credit Agricole (French bank).
    Team leader - Design of telemetry device for the French Air Force.
    Design Engineer - Design of transmission equipments for the French Navy.

    Training - knowledge Updating

  • INTEL : Assembly language i86 (1984) ;
  • INTEL : PLM language (1984) ;
  • I.S.C : Analysis and Structured Programming (1985) ;
  • CAP SOGETI INSTITUT : OSI, the state of the art (1986) ;
  • CAP SOGETI INSTITUT : OSI - Network: the synthesis ((1987) ;
  • C.C.I. du Val d'Oise : Enterprise Management Training (1987) ;
  • CEGOS : The Value Analysis (1988) ;
  • C.3.S. : Fundamentals of Accounting and Business Management (1988) ;
  • CEGOS : Perfecting the art of Technical Sales (1988) ;
  • CEGOS : Conducting a successful high-level trade negotiations (1989) ;
  • INTEL : Realtime monitor iDX51 (1990) ;
  • INTEL : Realtime monitor RMX (1990) ;
  • UNE AUTRE LANGUE : Intensive training in English and Business English (1994) ;
  • ISC Learning Tree : Project Management (1998) ;
  • ENST Paris : TCP/IP and Internet (1999) ;
  • ALSTOM : UML Design and modeling(1999) ;
  • CANNT : Working with Japanese (2000) ;
  • GIPCE : Project Management (2003) ;
  • DDC Conseil : Management and communication (2003) ;
  • DDC Conseil : Conduct assessment interviews (2004) ;
  • Quallium : CMMI Awareness & SPICE Automotive (2005) ;
  • CCI Paris : Training English - language (2006) ;
  • AXYA : Project contracting in Banking environment (2008) .
  • Resume

    Web Applications

    Web Applications

    According to my needs, I made ​​tools which have often been praised for their ergonomics and efficiency. I decided to make public those ones in the form of Web applications.

    To date, the web applications available primarily cover the professional generic needs, except one which corresponds to a hobby that occupies a lot of my weekends.

    You will find here:

  • A complete package of web applications dedicated to the management of jumping competition;
  • A time management tool spent on each task or each customer;
  • A management tool of action list;
  • Equestrian Web application


    Passionate about horse riding, I am developing in LAMP technology, a complete package of web applications dedicated to the management of jumping competition.

    This pachage is designed to handle both the official contests that training contests to meet the full organizers requirements of equestrian events.

    It comprises four independent modules: WebJump, Web Chrono, WebSpeaker and WebDisplay that can be distributed at better on the contest site.

    It can handle multiple tracks independently, stopwatch systems manual or electronical and the display of results on several video screens.

    It is cross platform and requires no installation on target computers, or even more computer skills than those needed to use a web browser.

    It exploits the entry list of the FFE (French Equestrian Federation) and edits files official results.

    A demonstration version is available under the address:

    Imputation sheets

    !! in building !!

    Offres de services

    Actions List

    !! in building !!

    Offres de services


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